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Respected Citizens: the History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia


Respected Citizens: 
the History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia






I am sure this excellent book will find its due place on the bookshelves of all readers professionally or otherwise interested in Armenian studies and history of the Diaspora.


From His Excellency Arman Kirakossianís speech at the book launch held in the Armenian Embassy in Washington on 15 February 2004.

The story of the Armenian entrepreneurs of the Malay Peninsula and Singapore is both fascinating and largely unknown. Through tireless research and deep devotion to the subject, Nadia Wright has produced the definitive study of this most engrossing story, and shed valuable light on a remarkable intersection of Armenian and Asian culture. An indispensable and invaluable addition to the scholarship of this region.

Charles Krauthammer

RESPECTED CITIZENS THE HISTORY OF ARMENIANS IN SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA is truly a monumental effort most competently and successfully completed by its author Nadia Wright. This book details the previously unresearched but extremely interesting and important history of these Armenians who originated, for the most part in Isfahan and arrived via Madras and Calcutta to settle, work, worship and raise families in Singapore and the Malay States throughout the 19th Century. Mrs Wright undertook a most daunting task of historical research...imagine there are 5 different English spellings for the Armenian surname Caloustian (Advent's son) alone!... and she should be very pleased with her scholarship. The author's mother, Vera Varsnik Deukmedjian, to whom this well written volume of Armenian history is dedicated may rest in peace with pride !!!!  

George G. Omartian II."

Respected Citizens: 
the History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia

Author: Nadia H Wright

Publisher: Amassia Publishing

Size: 245x175mm

Pages: 350; 24 pp. black/white plates; maps, tables; bibliography pp. 316-330; index

Cover: softback gloss laminated colour

ISBN: 0-9751082-0-4

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